How long does it take your app to adjust to degraded mobile connectivity? If it takes more than 2 seconds, you're losing too many users. Your App doesn't have to passively react to changing network conditions.

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We Build Software that Predicts the Future

Combining a vast historical dataset with our artificial intelligence algorithm allows us to provide your app with the data it needs to dynamically interact with the mobile network, providing your users with an optimized experience.

As an SDK, your app or apps connect directly to our module which then provides your app with vital information about the mobile coverage the device can expect in the next minute, five minutes, or hour.

Real-time and future insights that allow for the best possible user experience!

What could your app do if it could predict the future?

We're Innovative

We're constantly looking to push to new edges of technology. We use advanced analytics and customer feedback to advance into new areas of insight.

We're Iterative

We build, measure, and learn.
Then we do it again.

We're Responsive

Genius products that no one will use are meaningless. We are deeply driven by customer interaction and feedback.

Build Your App to be Proactive, not Reactive

We're committed to building products that matter.
We'll work closely with your team every step of the way to ensure your app can make the most of the available bandwidth.

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Our Skills

We are seasoned veterans in many
development and business areas.

We've assembled a dream-team of technical and business professionals with one goal: invent the future.

  • - Artificial Intelligence

  • - Data Science

  • - Design

  • - Mobile Device Development

  • - Analytics

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Don't let slow networks drive away your customers

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We are a 100% remote orgnanization headquartered in the greater Seattle, WA metro area.

Black Diamond, WA